Timing of Oral Presentation
  • 12 minutes to present.
  • 3 minutes for Q & A Session.
  • First bell will ring in 10 Minutes.
  • Second bell will ring in 12 Minutes.
  • Author will be forced to stop the presentation at 12 minutes
  • Preparation of Presentation Slides (PPT)
  • Make sure the presentation title matches the conference registered paper title.
  • Presenter can arrange the presentation suitably.
  • Tables and figures used should be clearly visible.
  • The title slide of your presentation should include the paper title, author names, and affiliations.
  • The provided PowerPoint Template should be used.
  • Please adhere to the following file name format.
  •      File Name Format: <ICARC2023_Paper ID_Last name.ppt >
    Preparation of Self-Recorded Video
  • Presentation recording should be 12 minutes. Note that those exceeding the said duration will not be considered.
  • Presenter’s face should appear in the top right-hand corner of the recorded video.
  • Accepted video formats: MP4.
  • Accepted maximum video size: 25 MB.
  • Accepted video aspect ratio: 16 : 9.
  • You may use any recording software to record the video.
  •     ICARC recommends OBS Studio.
  •     If the video is recorded using “Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game Bar” in Windows, or if the file size for the video is large (e.g., more than 100 MB), compression may be required. ICARC recommends video transcoder “Handbreak” (free) for compression.
  •     Alternative Options: Zoom, Bandicam, Free Cam
  • Please adhere to the following file name format.
  •      File Name Format: <ICARC2023_Paper ID_Last name.mp4 >
    Submission of Self-Recorded Video & Presentation Slides
  • Upload your Self-Recorded Video and Presentation Slides to the provided submission link below.
  • Deadline for uploading the Self-Recorded Video and Presentation Slides:
    of February 2023.
  • Recommendations & Best Practices
  • ICARC is expecting all presenters to wear formal attire.
  • The provided virtual background should be used.
  • It is recommended to choose an environment with minimal background noises.
  • It is recommended to set up your camera at eye level, or just slightly above.
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