Review Process :

The papers submitted to the conference will be subjected to double-blind reviews by a maximum of three (03) reviewers, who will be experts in the corresponding sub-field. The field experts for the reviewing process are selected nationally (60%) and internationally (40%). The Technical Program Committee also consists of international members who are experts in the tracks designated to support the review process. The conference review process adheres to the IEEE Reviewing Guidelines.

Quality of Paper:

  1. Mechanism to ensure sufficiently good English.
  2. The Technical Program Committee/ Track Chairs will carefully handle this process and may ensure the quality of language with the support of subscribed online tools.

  3. Acceptance ratio.
  4. Acceptance ratio of ICARC 2022 was 39%. This year also the conference organizers are targeting to maintain the quality and standard of the conference with a level of acceptance of 40-45%.

  5. Mechanism to ensure that the authors follow the conference format.
  6. TPC has provided the standard IEEE paper writing guidelines and the link for the recommended template.

    During the desk review process (prior to the formal double blind review) the scope and the formatting of the papers will be checked. Papers having non-compliances including the following, will be rejected.

    • Papers that has more than six(06) pages.
    • Papers that do not match with the scope of the conference.
    • Papers that do not follow proper formatting guidelines.
    • Papers that are written in poor English.
    • Papers that have a plagiarism score above 30%.

  7. If the paper is accepted, the authors will use the standard IEEE camera ready paper guidelines to prepare the camera-ready paper and the editorial team will be in continuous connection with authors to get the papers formatted according to the guidelines. TPC also will check whether the author has addressed the reviewer comments at their level best.
  8. No-show authored papers will not be submitted to the Conference Proceedings in IEEE Xplore (Pending Approval).
  9. Microsoft CMT is used as the conference management system.
  10. Turnitin will be used as the anti-plagiarism tool and the maximum acceptable plagiarism score is 30%.
  11. The final decision of acceptance or rejection of your work will be taken by the conference Technical Program Committee based on the originality of the work.

Selection of the Best Paper of Each Track and Conference:
  1. Nominated papers for each track will be shortlisted based on the review score (average score of 4.0+ out of 5.0).
  2. On the day of the Technical Sessions, the session chairs and members nominated from TPC will together take the decision on the best paper of each track by considering the status/quality of presentations.
  3. The best paper of the conference will be selected among the best paper of each track, by the TPC chair together with session chairs.