Camera Ready
Paper Submission

Hopefully, you have visited this web page because your research paper has been accepted to be presented at the2021 International Conference on Advanced Research in Computing 2021, whichwill be held from 23 - 24 February 2021.

Congratulations and well done!

Now it's time to complete the next procedures. Please scroll down to referthe instructionsgiven below forthe camera ready full-paper submission to the conference.

Key Steps in the Camera-Ready Process
  • Register for the conference.
  • Submit copyright consent.
  • Prepare the final manuscript.
  • Upload the PDF returned to CMT.
  • 1. Register for the Conference
    Each accepted paper has to have one author registered as a full attendee. More details about registrations can be found here.
    2. Submit Your Copyright Consent

    Authors should upload the scanned copy of Author Declaration Form signed by all authors, to the CMT system along with the abstract.


    3. Prepare the Final Manuscript
  • The authors are expected to address all reviewer comments supplied and change the paper accordingly.
  • Please submit your final manuscript by the February 8, 2021 (no extension will be provided).
  • Each camera ready submission must strictly adhere to the formatting instructions in order to be included in the ICARC 2021 Proceedings.
  • Regular Papers classified as Full Papers will be assigned a 6-page limit in the Conference Proceedings
  • Short Papers will be assigned a 4-page limit in the Conference Proceedings.
  • Similarity with other papers should be low (a similarity index below 30 % is acceptable for publication).
  • Your final manuscript (at most six pages for full papers) must be in PDF form. In particular, this must be a file that will successfully print anywhere, so:
  • all fonts must be embedded;
  • the resolution must be 600 dpi;
  • the printing must be monochrome;
  • the paper size must be A4.
  • Abstract should be 150-200 words. It should have research gap, how your solution fills that gap, methods and techniques used in brief, impact of your results/ how successful your solution is.
  • Please ensure that your introduction highlights the research problem and how you want to contribute by solving it.
  • Results: This is important and if you do not have convincing, verifiable results, your paper will be rejected even in this stage.
  • Conclusions should highlight your contribution and future research work that may emerge in these lines.
  • References in IEEE format. You might have referred PDFs taken from different sources but track down the source (conference/journal or other source) and put that reference in correct format given in the guideline.
  • The images should be clear, visible, and the captions should follow the IEEE formatting guidelines.
  • 4. Upload the PDF returned to CMT

    Upload to CMT