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Oral Presentations

24th February 2021

8.00 AM – 4.00 PM
Track 01

Session 01 — Data Mining and Image Analysis

Time Abstract ID Title
8.00 AM - Plenary Speak
8.15 AM 61 Loan Data Analysis using Data Warehouse Techniques
MA Perera, CM Boralugoda, D Asanka
8.30 AM 64 A Data Mining Approach to Identify Associations between Job Titles and Skills in Job Vacancies
DS Kuruppu, K Galappaththi
8.45 AM 42 Voice-Assisted Real-Time Traffic Sign Recognition System using Convolutional Neural Network
MP Manawadu, U Wijenayake
9.00 AM 90 Source Impact and Credibility Assessment on Twitter Users
RL Gamage, D Wickramaarachchi, JMD Senanayake
9.15 AM 76 Study of Image Recognition Based Travel Destination Recommendation
AT Liyanage, S Jayalal
9.30 AM 96 Detection and Classification of Rice Plant Diseases using Image Processing Techniques
DD Bandara and B Mayurathan

Session 02 — Machine Learning

Time Abstract ID Title
1.00 PM 69 Fuzzy Logic-based Paddy Yield Prediction to Facilitate Weather Index-based Crop Insurance
D Kithmini and C Rajapakshe
1.15 PM 74 Text Similarity-Based approach to detect Sinhala Language Fake News in Social Media: An approach using Hybrid Features
SNP Wijayarathna, S Jayalal
1.30 PM 11 A Novel Approach for Improving Quality and Process Optimization in the Garment Industry
CJ De Silva, K Weerasekara, M Nawarathne and K Wijerathne, V Piyawardana, J Alosius
1.45 PM 87 Deep Neural Network-Based Approach to Classification the Crime Related News Posts
C Sandagiri
2.00 PM 77 Deep Learning of Gene Expression Data for Breast Cancer Classification
Y Manawadu and R Silva
2.15 PM 78 Sri Lankan Sign Language to Sinhala Text using Convolutional Neural Network Combined with Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT)
D Prerra and S Jayalal
2.30 PM 70 A Language Modelling Approach to Authorship Identification for Online Examinations in Sinhala
M Puchihewa, C Rajapakshe and D Asanka
Track 02

Parallel and Distributed Systems

Time Abstract ID Title
1.00 PM - Plenary Speak
1.15 PM 55 Development of Cyber Threat Intelligence System in a SOC Environment for Real Time Environment
A Varatharaj
1.30 PM 84 MedCode: A blockchain based Patient Referral System
K Lokuge, D Wickramaarachchi, and JMD Senanayake
1.45 PM 9 Inventory Management with Origin Tracing Using LSTM and Blockchain
H Warnakulasooriya, J Senarathna, PPU Peiris, AS Fernando, DM Kasthurirathna, T Jayalath
Track 03

Human Computer Interaction

Time Abstract ID Title
9.00 AM - Plenary Speak
9.15 AM 46 Automatic Segmentation of Lung Nodule From CT Images Using Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm and Active Contour Model
T Rajeetha, S Venuja
9.30 AM 49 Sri Lankan Currency Detector for Visually Impaired People
KC Abimani, SS Thalagahagedara, SB Wickramasingha, MU Thilakarathna, D Nawinna, DM Kasthurirathna
9.45 AM 10 AR Interior: Guidance Tool for Interior Designing
EMPS Ekanayaka, DR Fonseka, RN Ranaweerasinghe, AMACB Abaykoon, AI Gamage, T Thilakarathna
Track 04

Knowledge Management and Information Systems

Time Abstract ID Title
8.00 AM - Plenary Speak
8.15 AM 38 Impact of Traditional Supply Chain Management On Green Supply Chain Management on Inter-Organizational Supply Interaction: A Review
PL Perera, BL Senavirathne, HMS Ayeshi, WMSRB Wijayarathne
8.30 AM 71 Development of an Information Flow Model to Overcome the Challenges in Sri Lankan Handicraft Industry
M Kalubowila, RACP Rajapakse
8.45 AM 83 Adoption of Business Intelligence Tools by Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises in North Central Province, Sri Lanka
HM Ranasinghe, T Madushanka
9.00 AM 56 E-Government Adoption in Sri Lanka - Barriers and Challenges from International Perception; A Literature Review
S Liyanage, G Gunatunga, M Wickramasinghe
9.15 AM 67 Policy Framework for Health Care Responsibility Assignment
TGG Dantanarayana, Prasad Jayaweera
Track 05

Software Engineering

Time Abstract ID Title
1.00 PM - Plenary Speak
1.15 PM 12 Guru Gedara:Smart Mathematical e-learning Platform for Grade Five Students
S Rajapaksha, TKK Thilakarathna, VS Wijesundara, MK Wickramasooriya, SRMJS Katupitiya, EMOM Ekanayake
1.30 PM 50 Exsia - Advanced Smart Buy and Sell Application
R Rilaf, J Sarooth, F Aleem, GC Rathnayake
9.45 AM 25 North West Corner Rule Based Programming Development to Find the Initial Basic Feasible Solution of Transportation Problem
RM Ranasinghe, K Rathnayaka
Track 06

Industry R&D / Open

Time Abstract ID Title
8.00 AM - Plenary Speak
8.15 AM 26 Warehouse Space Optimization using a Linear Programming Model
D Perera, UJ Mirando, A Fernando
8.30 AM 73 A Simulation Model to Optimize Pre-Sewing Operations in the Apparel Industry: A Case Study from Sri Lanka
PM Herath, C Rajapakse, H Niwunhella, G Neththikumarage
8.45 AM 19 Occupational Stress of Women Workforce in the IT Industry: With Special Reference to Colombo District, Sri Lanka
D Aluthge, RMKT Rathnayaka
9.00 AM 93 LEXIS: A Preliminary Screening and Intervention Tool for Children with Dyslexia
JR Kandanarachchi, J Abeykoon
9.15 AM 18 Cell Selection Analysis in 5G for the Emergency Communications
DS Vithanage
Abstracts of the Proccedings