Dr. KPN Jayasena
Conference Chair

Prof. BTGS Kumara
Conference Co-Chair
Prof. B Jayasekara
Conference Co-Chair
Prof. C Premachandra
Conference Co-Chair
Ms. R Nirubikaa
Prof. S Vasanthapriyan
TPC Chair/Awards Chair
Mr. K Gunawardhana
Awards Co-Chair
Dr. UAP Ishanka
Publication Chair
Mr. K Banujan
Publication Co-Chair
Mr. A Herath
Publication Co-Chair
Mr. S Prashanth
Publication Co-Chair
Prof. Roshan Ragel
International Relation Chair
Mrs. L Chathumini
Logistics and Finance Chair
Mr. P Vigneshwaran
Logistics and Finance Co-Chair
Dr. PLM Prabhani
WIE Track Chair
Ms. UP Kudagamage
WIE Co-Chair/Registration Chair
Prof. Vasana Chandrasekara
Workshop & Tutorial Chair
Ms. PMAK Wijeratne
Workshop & Tutorial
Dr. LS Lekamge
Publicity Chair
Mrs. WVSK Wasalthilake
Publicity Co-Chair
Dr. RAHM Rupasingha
Online Resource Management Chair