# Workshop 1

Cloud security and green data centers

Resource Person
Mr. Lakmal Embuldeniya
ISACA Sri Lanka Chapter President 2023 / 2025
Global Professional Services at Tech One Global Ltd
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# Workshop 2

Leveraging Generative AI in Computational Social Science and Human Computer Interactions Research

Generative AI is revolutionizing how we conduct research. Researchers can utilize GenAI tools and technologies in any phase of their research to make processes more efficient and productive. In the field of Human Computer Interactions, Generative AI can be employed in prototyping and user testing phases, allowing for rapid iteration and refinement of interface designs based on user feedback and interaction patterns. In the field of Computational Social Studies, the role of researchers is to understand social phenomena using digital traces. They can harness Generative AI in many ways by providing advanced tools for modeling, simulating, and analyzing social phenomena. In this workshop, the audience will be able to understand the application of GenAI tools and technologies in these two fields. The structure of the workshop will comprise interactive lectures with hands-on sessions and collaborative discussions. Participants will engage in coding exercises, analyze case studies, and work sample research projects that apply Generative AI in inception to implementation of a research project.

Resource Person
Dr. Dilrukshi Gamagee
Senior Lecturer
School of Computing
University of Colombo
Sri Lanka
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