# Workshop 1

Teaching AI in Schools – Way to Succeed

Aim of the workshop
Empowering school teachers with knowledge and skills to teach AI in secondary and upper secondary level

  • Introducing the key content to be taught
  • Introducing the gamification technique in teaching
  • Discussing the critical questions and challenges in delivering the content

The Government of Sri Lanka has decided to include Artificial Intelligence to the school curriculum from 2024. Even though this decision is justifiable in the given circumstances, there are so many challenges to the teachers to deliver the specified content effectively. This workshop is expected to enhance their self-efficacy in teaching AI at the secondary and upper secondary level.

Target Audience
  • School ICT teachers in the region

Resource Person
Dr. Chathura Rajapakse,
Senior Lecturer,
Department of Industrial Management,
Faculty of Science,
University of Kelaniya,
Sri Lanka
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